About me

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy your visit.

I am an unconventional parent.

I am a slightly eccentric thirty-something year old woman; wife to my musician and tattooist husband and mother to a daughter, two sons and we have another daughter on the way due in April 2015.  I have parented from all angles; singly, in a destructive and unhappy marriage and these last few years as one half of a pretty near perfect partnership.  We are a quirky bunch and our life reflects that!

Through this blog I aim to give all of you out there an insight into my parenting and life experience, a window into our very own brand of crazy and somewhere you can come to reassure yourself that you’re really doing okay.  I mean if I can successfully raise three (hopefully four) children then you definitely can!

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. How about move off the vrid with your own money instead of mooching off the grid you claim to repudiate? “Send me money via the internet to become totally indepenxent of the grid fueled by the internet!” Millenial gimme gimme gimme bullshit.


    1. Hi G, if you’ve read any of my blog you will have realised that Adele Allen – the woman your comment is directed at – is in fact not me! Adele Allen has used the same name as me (without realising I was already using it). Our views are completely opposite ends of the spectrum and I have no intention of living ‘off the grid’ and have never attempted to fundraise to support my family. Please take a moment to read more of my blog and check you have the right person before you tar me with the brush meant for someone else! Thanks!

      Adele’s page can be found at http://www.theunconventionalparent.co if you want to repost your comment there.


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